The Budwig Diet: How Johanna Budwig Cured Cancer Naturally

The Budwig Diet


Just hearing the word “cancer” elicits thoughts of physical agony, years of treatment and looming death. People have lost loved ones to cancer, and this fact heightens an intuitive fear that it could happen to any of us.

Cancer research has been very helpful in fighting and preventing the terminal disease. In the UK alone, the cancer survival rate has doubled in the last 40 years. However, it would seem that no cure will appear in the horizon any time soon. But there is one scientist who actually created a method for curing cancer: Johanna Budwig.

Who was Johanna Budwig?

Johanna Budwig (30 September 1908 – 19 May 2003) was a German biochemist. She held two doctorates – one in medicine and another in pharmaceutical chemistry – and was nominated six times for the Nobel Prize in medicine. She also studied psychology and physics. In 1951, she found the cure to cancer.

In a nutshell, she discovered the power of essential fatty acids in healing the body and ridding it of cancer cells.

While working as a researcher for studying the process of hardening oils into solids for the manufacturing of margarine, Budwig found out that fatty acids or hydrogenated oils were harmful to the body. This discovery was propelled by one of her greatest inventions: paper-chromatography, a method of analyzing and separating fatty acids.

Her success with curing cancer patients came from another discovery that revealed deficiencies in the blood of cancer patients and that these deficiencies were brought about by the ingestion of trans-fatty acids. Cancer patients’ red blood cells did not contain a fatty layer; their blood did not contain the essential substances lipoproteins and phosphatides; and cancer cells were simply cells that did not contain the right nutrients at a molecular level.

The Budwig Diet

Budwig’s cure is centered on a diet that eliminates trans-fatty acids and replaces it with a combination of omega-3 fatty acids (which is abundantly present in flaxseed oil) and milk protein (specifically quark or cottage cheese). This diet should strictly exclude additives and all animal products. The combination of these natural foods can reverse the effects of cancer in just three months as the cancer cells will simply be absorbed and the body will be restored to health.

Not all flaxseed oil products are created equal. For optimal results, only use flaxseed oil from the refrigerated section of health food stores. Capsules, flakes and oil from the shelves aren’t as effective and have lost many of their anti-cancer properties. Check the product’s expiration date before buying and make sure to refrigerate it. Stay away from flavored oils as well.

The recommended mixing ratio is one tablespoon of flaxseed oil to two tablespoons of cottage cheese. You want to consume this mixture fresh every time, so only mix the amount that you need to consume at one time. For example, mix two tablespoons of the oil with four tablespoons of the cheese if you need to take it twice a day, but consume more if your condition is severe. It is recommended to consume the mixture slowly at first – once a day until your body gets used to the diet. Mix the oil and the cheese thoroughly until you get a creamy texture without any standing oil remaining.


So many natural cancer treatments have come to existence. Many claim to be a magic pill, while others should be treated as a guide to living healthy. What Johanna Budwig told the world is that cancer can be cured, and that diet and nutrition is the key.



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